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I keep my Boudoir photography simple.  There is no photo team checking out your flaws and there is not a lighting crew highlighting the things you do not want people to see.  It is just you and me... or you, me, and the friend you choose to bring to cheer you on.  You can relax.  I will be looking out for you and doing my best to highlight your best features.  I understand how this feels, I see myself in the mirror everyday!

Drink wine and belt out Dave Matthews Band as I take pics, I don’t mind.  I just want you to have fun.  These sessions are a gift you are giving yourself.  Sure you might share the images with your partner, you might not.  It may be that you lock them away just for you to look back on and be proud.  Whatever you do after the session, these keepsakes are for YOU so enjoy!

We will laugh a lot, you will find yourself channeling your inner Marilyn and you might walk away thinking you would like do this again next year...

It can be empowering and fun... so... why not? 

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