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What is Boudoir Photography?

It is beautiful, artistic, and sexy portraits.  Though, that does not mean it has to be you in your underwear.  Some of my favorite shots are you rocking a cowboy hat and blouse, or a ski vest, boots and beanie.  Have fun, look around and get creative.

Who is your typical client?

My typical client seems to be women who thought they would never do this and went for it anyway because they trust me.  I have ladies gifting these photos to their husband, fiance or themselves.  I have also shot quite a few moms that use these sessions as a motivation to get their pre-baby body back, and then celebrate it! 

Where do we do the shoot?

Most sessions take place at your home, a friend’s “loaner” stylish home, or my place.  I do not shoot “in studio” but bring my equipment to to you and work with what you have for a more authentic product.  My goal is to make the every day sexy and the ordinary backdrops fun. 

Will my photos be online?

You will have the choice to have your images on my website or not.  Your proof gallery is password protected so those images will only be shown to those you choose.

What’s Next?

Email or call and we will talk about your photo shoot and set up an appointment.

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